Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I have wanted to blog for awhile now.. but was unsure of how - I started a Yahoo 360 account a few years ago but I was unable to keep up after I got sick with the head pressure. Anyhow everyone assures me it is so easy so here I go---

Also, I retain the right to change the name of this page as soon as I can think of a better one!

I plan to link this to my face book and to everyone else I know who blogs!! (anyone out there know how to link the blogs, lemme know, or hook me up! )

Pretty much I wanna share whats going on with us - and post pictures, music & whatever!

So join me - and help me out along the way!



  1. Welcome to the blogging!!!! Feel free to check out mine and see what we do!
    I love it I want to see MC Hammer come dancing or singing across your blog! Bad BEV I know!

  2. Well Koren I told you it would take some time - & How are you gonna comment but not follow or link me up to your blog in some way (new blog)?? and Bev, if I can find MC Hammer, I will post it just for YOU!